We all understand the need to supplement school funding. Budget shortfalls for education have potentially devastating effects on the quality of education, so the need for finding a permanent supplemental funding solution is more important than ever.

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Raising Funds for Schools

Traditional fundraising methods offer a one-time payout, require a major effort and are dependent on many factors for success. School Spirit Pays is an entirely new model for fundraising that creates a steady, sustainable stream of residual monthly funding.

To make it successful, you simply need to work with us to develop a growing network of businesses. We create a true partnership with Education Foundations, PTAs/PTOs, Student Organizations, and Booster Clubs, making them an integral part of a profitable, sustainable business model. Schools receive more money, more consistently than from most event-driven, charity-dependent, or product sales-based fundraising activities. By partnering with School Spirit Pays, schools can develop predictable monthly revenue to fund programs, teachers, scholarships, and other priority initiatives.

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