School Spirit Pays' mission is to help bring much needed funding to schools.  It is a mission of generosity inspired by the memories of two influential educators who set a memorable example the giving spirit of teachers.   We put our mission into action with a program that builds collaboration between schools and local businesses.

The program has five key principles:
Partner with existing volunteer-based organizations to develop recurring monthly revenue for schools
Deliver funding to schools through associated non-profits – Education Foundations, PTAs/PTOs, Booster/Student Clubs – to enable local control of funds.

Integrate these organizations into a profitable business model to ensure a sustainable program
Motivate Parents, Educators, Students, and other Community Members to support the businesses that support their schools.

Provide additional marketing and promotion for local businesses to help increase sales, which then results in increased funding to schools.

There is a part in our program for everyone.  Interested in helping?  Click here.

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Credit card fees you regularly pay add up. You already pay these fees, why not put them to use in your community.

Read more about how credit card purchases can generate cash for local schools.


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The fees that normally go to credit card processors are donated to your local school.

Read more about how businesses can generate funds for schools in your area.


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Your neighborhood school are given a check to dispense as they please.

Read more about how local school benefit from the money generated by School Spirit Pays.


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These payments are monthly and become a new source of revenue schools can rely on.

Read more about how school receive monthly payments from businesses that participate.


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