School Spirit Pays is different from other credit card processing companies in how we recruit businesses to our program. We partner with your school district’s non-profit organizations — Education Foundation, PTA/PTO or Booster Club — to build a volunteer network that recruits local businesses to the program. Volunteers don’t need to know anything about credit card processing other than what is provided in the School Spirit Pays materials. We provide a broad range of tools to support your volunteer effort that span every stage of the program from awareness, to enrollment, training and merchant recruiting. We also host orientation programs to educate your district on School Spirit Pays, and training sessions with your volunteers to kick off recruitment.

Your district can organize to build a base of businesses using School Spirit Pays by being vocal.  When you talk about how cost-free and easy it is for School Spirit Pays to generate new dollars for schools,  you let business owners know you want this benefit in your community.

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School Spirit Pays, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek CA.

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