School Spirit Pays makes it easy for businesses to make a difference in adding to local school funding. And, we do it without costing businesses, consumers or taxpayers one cent.

How do we do this? We create a special relationship between a business, their customers and local schools that produces funds for schools based on every credit card transaction a business processes. Someone has to give to make this work, so we do it! We donate a portion of every transaction processed through School Spirit Paysto a local school designated by the business. These funds are contributed to school foundations or PTO/PTA/Booster Clubs.

So, with School Spirit Pays, every credit card transaction. makes money for local schools. We match each businesses’ competitive processing rates, so a business does not earn less. So the question for businesses really comes down to whether or not they want to make a difference for the schools by adding this level of funding. The more local businesses involved, the greater our mission of generosity is magnified in your district. And, of course, more funds are created in the process.

School Spirit Pays wants to create large funding contributions for school districts because it makes a difference. Can you help us make a difference by joining our team of merchants or creating the desire for this generosity in your school district?

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