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Irvine Pet Complex offers the Irvine, California area complete veterinary services including general veterinary medicine, surgery, dental care, preventive care and well care for resident’s pets.  They also offer senior and geriatric pet care, microchip identification, behavior counseling, weight management services and more to keep Irvine pets healthily and well.  And, as a School Spirit Pays merchant, Irving Pet Complex participates in creating a donation for local schools in Irvine.

Each charge transaction at Irvine Pet Complex allows School Spirit Pays to make a donation to the Irvine Public Schools Foundation.  You can learn more about the IPSF’s goals, programs and news on their web site at: www.ipsf.net.

Thanks for leading businesses in Irvine, California like Irvine Pet Complex.  You can read more about Irvine Pet Complex’s services at www.irvinepetcomplex.com.

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Mountain Living Interiors and Design is a custom kitchen and bath retailer in Mammoth Lakes, California that is a School Spirit Pays merchant.   Mountain living offers home owners, contractors and property managers elegant design solutions for their properties.  In addition to procuring products, Mountain Living assists customers with project management and design as well.  And, every purchase made by credit card at Mountain Living creates a donation from School Spirit Pays for Mammoth Lakes NOW.

You can learn about Mountain Living Interiors and Design at their web site: mammothmountainliving.com.  Don’t forget to look at the gallery photos of some of their excellent work.

You can also read about Mammoth Schools NOW Educational Foundation and their goals on their web site: mammothschoolsnow.org.  We are proud to provide the link between local businesses and local schools to address funding issues.  Thank you, Mountain Living Interiors and Design for being a School Spirit Pays merchant!

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We’d like to recognize Bill Gray, DDS for supporting Melissa schools by being a School Spirit Pays merchant.  Dr. Gray offers the Sherman area improved smiles with restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry.   Dr. Gray also offers family dental services such as cleanings, crowns, bridges, laser dentistry and bonding.  And, with each transaction paid with a charge, Dr. Gray enables a contribution from School Spirit Pays.  You can read more about Dr. Gray’s practice at his web site: billgraydds.com.

The contribution generated from Dr. Gray’s business benefits the Melissa Education Foundation.  You can learn more about the Melissa Education Foundation here at their web site: melissaeducationfoundation.com.  When local businesses like Dr. Gray’s practice use School Spirit Pays, they create a steady stream of income for local education foundations.  Every little bit counts and we thank Dr. Gray for being an example in North Texas.

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We are proud that McRee Ford in Dickinson, Texas is one of our School Spirit Pays merchants.  One of the premier car dealerships in South Texas, charge payments made at McCree Ford create a School Spirit Pays donation each month that benefits Dickinson ISD Education Foundation. 

You can search inventory, get information on Fleet Services if you represent a business and get information on the full line of Ford vehicles on the McRee web site: mcreeford.net.  Regardless of your vehicular needs, someone at McRee Ford is ready to help.

McRee Ford’s School Spirit Pays donation contributes to the DISD’s Education Foundation mission which is to ensure that all students have successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives.  For more information on supporting The Dickinson ISD Educational Foundation like McRee Ford, check out their web page.  Thanks to McRee Ford for seeing the need and stepping up to be part of the funding solution.

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We’d like to recognize one of our merchants for the excellent work they do in community building.  Beyond being a School Spirit Pays merchant,  First Baptist Church in Melissa, Texas offer counseling, community groups, teaching series and more to help build positive lives in the community in an around the Melissa area.

Please check out their web site at FirstMelissa.com for more information on the church community, their programs for kids, students, women and men.  You can also read more about how the church approaches mission work, bring the benefits of their commitment to communities outside Melissa.

To get a feel for the church service, you can listen to recorded sermons on podcast on the web site. We appreciate First Baptist Church in Melissa for supporting local schools with School Spirit Pays!

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Driven for Life, Inc., one of our merchants in Newport Beach, CA, helps make businesses more efficient with employee engagement consulting.  Greater employee engagement leads to greater productivity, profitability and safety among other key factors in running a healthy business.  And, to give back, Driven for Life,  Inc. supports local schools by processing charges with School Spirit Pays.

Driven for LIfe’s training programs help both individuals and organizations.  On their web site, drivenforlife.com, they have a great example that describes employee engagement.  It goes like this:

“If there was a cookie that had fallen on to carpet at work:
    •    The engaged worker would walk by and go out of their way to pick it up.
    •    The disengaged worker would walk by and continue to walk (even though they noticed the cookie).
    •    The actively disengaged worker would walk up to the cookie, step on it, and grinds it into the carpet.”

Maybe we should look at outside financial support for your local schools the same way.  Merchants engaged in the community have chosen School Spirit Pays as a means of processing credit cards because they actively want to help create additional funding.  Just imagine how much more your local schools could make with School Spirit Pays if we could just reach the currently disengaged merchants!  Think about it?  What business owners can you help engage in a discussion with School Spirit Pays?

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One of our merchants, Mitas Hill, a North Texas vineyard near McKinney, Texas is expanding this summer to add The Ballroom at Mitas Hill.  At their web site at mitashillvinyard.com, you can see the plans for this new elegant event center that will be ideal for wedding receptions, banquets, workshops and charitable events.  And, for local schools, it is one more business associated with Mitas Hill Vinyards that will help generate a donation through School Spirit Pays.

Also coming this summer is The Wine Bar at Mitas Hill, which will seat 100 in an intimate setting in full view of the Vineyard.  And, for overnight wedding guests, Mitas Hill will also be opening The Lodge at Mitas Hill.  These four exclusive guest rooms will be perfect for wedding party overnights.

Mitas Hill Vinyards is famiy-owned and three generations participate in the harvest.  The vineyard harvest is in August each year and Mitas Hill is open to the public to experience wine-making step-by-step.  Mitas Hill is a great family and community business.  No wonder they chose School Spirit Pays for their credit card processing.  The owners understand the importance of giving a little back to the community.

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Large cuts of the finest prime steaks, chops and seafood greet guests at Bob’s Steak & Chop House in Dallas, Texas.  With locations open across the country, the original location in Dallas on Lemmon Avenue and Wycliff Avenue just north of Uptown still stands out as one of the premier steakhouses in Dallas.   As one of our merchants, charge payments at the original Bob’s Steak and Chop House location contribute to a School Spirit Pays donation to local public schools.

Check out the atmosphere, menus and rave reviews at http://www.bobs-steakandchop.com.  Bob’s blends high expectations with excellent service and is a popular destination for memorable nights out.  And, with each entree, enjoy the memorable signature large glazed carrot!

Thanks to the original Bob‘s Steak and Chop House in Dallas for supporting local school through School Spirit Pays.  They set a great example for other restaurants how to give a little back without anyone feeling the donation… except School Spirit Pays and that‘s why we’re here!

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Weddings, receptions, anniversaries and special family events are a big part of any community.  These are events where family and friends come together with purpose.  One of our merchants, The Bird’s Nest in Melissa, Texas, is an excellent, rustic choice for such important events. 

So, it’s not any surprise that The Bird’s Nest also supports another community function where people come together with a purpose: local schools.  As a Spirit Pays merchant, part of every dollar charged on credit cards at The Bird’s Nest is donated by School Spirit Pays to local schools. 

You can check out The Bird’s Nest web site at www.nestingtimes.com.    On their front page, you’ll see a beautiful video montage that tells the story of this charming country venue full of heartwarming memories.  If you are considering a special event in North Texas, we recommend you check into The Bird’s Nest.

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On a Friday, you may find yourself at a Happy Hour.  When that happens, keep an eye out for some award-winning beers from one of our merchants, Mammoth Brewing Company from Mammoth Lakes, CA.  Mammoth Brewing Company has been brewing award-winning beers since 1995.  And, recently, they began working with School Spirit Pays to give back to local schools.

When you visit MammothBrewingCo.com, you can see the variety of beers they produce.  From light Floating Rock Hefeweizen to the hefty stout, Lair of the Bear, Mammoth Brewing Company produces an excellent assortment of beer for all occasions.

When you are in Mammoth Lakes, visit the Mammoth Brewing Company’s Tasting Room on Berner Street.  Samples and custom beers are waiting for you there.  And, when you make a purchase using a credit card, know that Mammoth Brewing Company and School Spirit Pays are making a donation to local schools because of your purchase.

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Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ offers a Texas tradition to Bishop, California courtesy of native Texans Patty and Steve Hollan.  The Killeen, Texas natives tapped into their Texas roots, developing their barbecue recipes the old fashioned way: through trial and error.  Bishop patrons now reap the rewards of their work each day!  And, as a School Spirit Pays merchant, they give back to their California home with each charge transaction that enables a contribution to local public schools.

You can preview their menu at holysmoketexasstylebbq.com to get an idea of how Texans like their beef, ribs, pork and chicken barbecue.  A Texan will tell you that barbecue means beef when you are west of the Mississipi, but Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ won't be outdone, offering Bishop locals a rack of slow smoked St. Louis cut pork ribs as well.

When you stop by for visit, why not try the Sampler platter so you can give everything a try. 

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One of our merchants, Penguin Juice Company, is one of the top juice providers for the daycare industry, offering a wide variety of flavors and vitamin fortified products with no sugar added.  Penguin also produces healthy snacks including trans fat-, dairy- and oil-free snacks.  They care about kids’ well being and they follow through with that as a School Spirit Pays merchant.

On their web site at penguinjuice.com, you can learn about the company’s history and dedication to better products through high quality ingredients and better packaging. Penguin products are also sold through distributors to restaurant and hospitality businesses, schools and universities, convenience stores and corporate cafeterias and more.  

Penguin’s contribution supports local schools in Westland, Michigan. 

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We’d like to recognize Signature Eye Center in League City offering excellent optical services to the community and supporting local schools by using School Spirit Pays to process credit cards. Dr. Koehler offers a wide variety of optical services beyond routine check-ups and vision care.

You can read more about Signature Eye Center’s services at their web site: signatureyecenter.com.  Their specialized services include pediatric vision care, vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation. Dr. Koehler is up to date on the latest technologies and treatments and she offers excellent care to her patients.

Their web site points out that healthy vision leads to successful learning. Signature Eye Center makes that contribution and a enables a School Spirit Pays contribution with each charge transaction. We’d like to thank Dr. Koehler and her team for doing their part to improve education in local public schools.

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How are you sleeping?  If you or your partner snores, it is probably disrupting more than your restfulness.  Snoring is the most identifiable symptom of sleep apnea, which is a potentially life-threatening condition.

In Irvine, one of our merchants, Practical Sleep Solutions helps patients by offering education, sleep studies for diagnosis and treatments for sleep apnea. And, with each charge transaction, they help give a little back to local schools through their use of School Spirit Pays.

Visit Practical Sleep Solutions‘ web site at practicalsleep.com to get started.  There is an online quiz that you can take to determine if you have need for sleep study. If you need a sleep study, Practical Sleep Solutions can help you conduct one in your home.  And, if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, Practical Sleep Solutions can provide you with AutoPap devices to treat your apnea and restore restful healthy sleep.

Many major health conditions are linked to sleep apnea, so don’t take snoring lightly. And, when you address your sleep apnea issues in Irvine, you can support local schools at Practical Sleep Solutions through School Spirit Pays.

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Time for a special dinner or maybe a romantic dinner for two?  In St. Augustine, Florida, we recommend one of our School Spirit Pays vendors, Rhett’s Piano Bar & Brasserie.  Since 2010, Rhett‘s has distinguished itself as one of Northeast Florida’s most distinctive destinations for fine dining and specialty drinks.

As a School Spirit Pays merchant, a portion of every charge transaction processed at Rhett‘s benefits local schools. Each week, full houses of patrons enjoying the freshest local fish, shellfish and lobster take part in a donation to local schools when credit cards are used.

You can make reservations online at www.rhetts.com.  And, click The Buzz link on their web site to read patron reviews.  Rhett’s is a hit in the community both for it’s food, atmosphere and support of local schools!

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Located at 3499 Main Street in the Red Rooster Mall, John’s Pizza Works is a great location for family dining in Mammoth Lakes, California.John’s Pizza Works is a proud School Spirit Pays merchant and supports local schools every time a patron pays with a credit card.

You can see the full menu at John’s Pizza Works here at their web site: johnspizzaworks.com.Take out is available on a fantastic selection of pizza, pasta dishes, wings and hot sandwiches.John’s Pizza Works is kid-friendly with ice cream on the menu and a video arcade inside.

On NFL Sundays, The Outlaw Saloon makes a great game-watching location.The Saloon’s HD Televisions show The NFL Ticket, allowing fans to watch their favorite teams all over the country.  John’s Pizza Works does a great business locally and supports local schools through School Spirit Pays.  Makes you hungry for pizza just thinking about it, doesn’t it?


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If you have young children, the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends you schedule your child‘s first appointment with a pediatric dentist within 6 months of the first tooth coming in. In the Irvine and San Juan Capistrano, that means a first visit to Teddy Bear Dental, one of our School Spirit Pays merchants.

Sure you can tell Teddy Bear Dental is geared for kids judging from their web site: www.teddybeardental.com, but parents are in good hands, too. Teddy Bear Dental helps parents prepare little ones for their first dental appointments. They have books, DVDs and plenty of great suggestions on how to get you child ready for the dentist.  It’s an important time where you can make a lifelong impression on kids that going to the dentist is not scary or painful, but rather a positive, healthy experience.

This approach makes a long-term investment the child‘s health.  By processing their payments with School Spirit Pays, Teddy Bear Dental is almost making an investment in the long-term value of the community. Thanks for supporting Irvine Schools, Teddy Bear Dental!

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Located in the interesting and eclectic Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff, one of our merchants, Green Pet, is changing the way people view their pets’  health.  They also give back to the community by supporting local schools with each charge transaction thanks to choosing School Spirit Pays.
Recognized recently by D Magazine as the Best Pet Shop in Dallas, Green Pet offers pet lovers the best food, treat, toys and supplies for cats and dogs.  This locally-owned, independent pet store features all natural pet foods and teaches the importance of a responsible approach to pet ownership.
You can read more on their web site, greenpetdallas.com about the one-on-one pet food consultations offered at Green Pet  Patrons can learn about pet nutrition, an all-natural diet for pets and the health and lifestyle benefits pets experience with this attention to their care.
And, Green Pet wants you to know... they deliver!
Thanks, Green Pet for supporting local schools through School Spirit Pays.
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Baseball season is right around the corner, so we wanted to recognize one of our merchants,the Irvine Ranch Little League. As a non-profit organization with strong community ties, it makes perfect sense that the Irvine Ranch Little League supports local schools with every purchase and donation transaction that is charged. 

The recreational youth baseball league is home to more than 600 children and their families and has both a fall and spring season for baseball. Players between the ages of 3 and 15 learn fundamental skills in a fun environment.

Their web site, irvineranchll.org, really puts the idea of Little League in perspective stating that nearly 2.6 million kids play Little League baseball in more than 80 countries. Thanks to the parents, the players, volunteers and sponsors for their contribution to this amazing and time-honored tradition. And, thanks for using School Spirit Pays and finding a way to give even more back.

Now, play ball!

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Here’s a great story from one of our merchants, Beaver Toyota in St. Augustine, Florida.   This very community-oriented business awarded the St. John’s County Teacher of the Year, Darryl Cullipher, with a new Toyota Camry SE at the annual Teacher of the Year banquet.  Cullipher, a teacher at St. Augustine High School was thrilled at the surprise announcement.

General Manager Matt Calavan said, “We may be new to this community but we have been loving and supporting teachers and schools for a very long time.  We will continue to promote and advocate for teachers as our business grows.”

As a School Spirit Pays merchant, Beaver Toyota supports the efforts of the district and its teachers every day with every charge transaction.   You can learn more about Beaver Toyota here on their web site: www.beavertoyotastaugustine.com.


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